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We are located at 50mts from the beach, 12 blocks from Pinamar town center and 4km from Cariló. You can access the beach without use of any vehicle. Local Bus stop is at 100mts from the hotel. In a 2 block area you will find local stores such as kiosks, pharmacy, bazaar, market, bakery and restaurant (only in high season).

How to arrive at the hotel?

By car:

You enter the city from Route 11 to Bunge Av. This is the city's main street. Take Bunge until you get to the roundabout with Libertador Av. Turn right in Libertador Av and continue for 12 blocks. The road will change its name during this path: Simbad el Marino - Quintana - San Martin. As a refference point you will pass through Ku Night Club. Turn left in Brown Street and you will find the hotel only one block away.

By Bus:

Pinamar Bus Station is located at the entrance of the City. We recommend to take a Taxi or Remis at the Bus Station. Another option is to take the local bus and get off the bus at Sarmiento and San Martin stop, only one block away from the hotel.